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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steps to include Indian Rupee Symbol Font in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and in Browsers got easier with Unicode recommended code position

Foradians who first helped you type the rupee symbol on your computers with their legendary Rupee Foradian font has now come up with a quick and easy solution which will make you type the rupee symbol with out changing the keyboard, while sticking to the Unicode standard. Now its possible to type India rupee symbol in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Mozilla. Currently its not supported in IE and Google Chrome, waiting for ISO approval.
Steps to type Indian rupee symbol:

  • Download this file .
  • Extract the contents of the zip file.
  • First you have to install the new fonts.
  • Double click the Rupee Installer.exe File and follow the instructions.
  • This will install four new fonts to your computer with support for new rupee symbol in Unicode recommended code position.
  • Then double click the Keyboard Install.exe file.
  • This will install a new keyboard layout in your computer
  • To enable the keyboard layout selector right click on the task bar and select language bar from the toolbars menu.
  • Now you can click on the small keyboard icon and enable the Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout.
  • Double check the keyboard layout is active.
  • Now you can use the grave accent key on the keyboard to type the rupee symbol by selecting the Rupee Foradian Standard fonts.
  • You can set Rupee Foradian Standard as the default font in browser and start using the rupee symbol in any applications like gmail, twitter or facebook.

If you can see only squares instead of rupee symbol, please check whether the font selected is "Rupee Foradian Standard" or  Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout is enabled or not

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Indian Social Affairs said...

Very helpful post..!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! Hats off!

Anonymous said...

not work in excel 2007

Hari prasanth said...

I am not able to find key board install.exe file to install a new keyboard layout. Iam using windows 7 and office 2007. Unable to install this font.

Anonymous said...

not working in 2007 ppt

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