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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Orkut is live on web and its just fantabulous

Google has officially released its new Orkut. Its a renovation of older orkut with many add-on like one-stop notification, video chat, pick your favorite colors etc. The new look and feel is just awesome and its easier and fast to use from older version of Orkut.This is consider as the biggest upgraded version of orkut since its launch in 2004.
You need an invitation from orkut or any of your friend who has already got an invitation to join the new Orkut.

How to get the invitation for new Orkut:
  • Find a friend who has an invitation and ask him! Those who are using the new orkut will have a Orkut logo followed by name of the user.

  • You can ping me I can send you the invitation. I have invitation remaining in my basket. So hurry up friends. 
  • Just fill up the form provided by Orkut. You will get the invitation soon. New Orkut Invitation form.
  • Join Poppy and Shashi on the official community. Remember to check back the community often as the owners will be regularly announcing new ways to get an invite.

Those who got the invitation will see a icon on the top of their orkut homepage. Just click on it to accept the invitation. And enjoy the new cool and exciting Orkut.

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kumar abhinav said...

biswajeet is a technical as well as creative which he shows in his website.
a geeko by nature,his site is quite informative and upto date with new technologies
kepp up the good work buddy

sailesh balodia said...

keep it winner

Ishan Banga said...

new orkut is cool...
if anybodys is left for orkut invitation can contact me at

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