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Friday, November 20, 2009

Green Robot: Know from Gmail contacts who are using Android

Google is the god of innovation. Usually green, orange, red bubble icon indicates whether the contacts in our Gtalk are available, ideal or busy. Google has added a invisible mode in Gmail's chat application.

A new google lab product is out Green Robot!. It will indicate whether your friends in the Gmail's chat application are using Android phones. A robot icon will appear in chat status before the name of the person who is using google chat from Android. From the above image you can visualize that Shirley is currently online from Android.

Google says
These icons can help you decide whether to tailor your conversation to the type of device that your chat buddy is using. For example, when you know the guy on the other end is using his Android phone, you may decide to send shorter, more concise chat messages.

Friends try this Google new experiment Green Robot. Just go to Labs. Scroll down you will see the Green Robot! by Chad Y and enable it. 

Via Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Green robot icon

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