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Friday, November 13, 2009

Multiple login in Gtalk from the same computer

This hack is inspired from my previous post 'Multiple login in Yahoo Messenger from the same computer'. Friends now we will see how to login in multiple Gtalks from multiple IDs or same ID.

Steps to modify Google Gtalk for multiple login:
  • Start > All Programs > Google Talk > Google Talk > Right Click on Google Talk Icon > Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) . All this is for creating a Gtalk shortcut in Desktop.
  • Now Right Click on Gtalk shortcut icon which is in the desktop.
  • Go to Properties

  • Type '-nomutex' without quotes after googletalk.exe" giving a space in the Target text box. You can refer to the image below eg-  googletalk.exe" -nomutex

  • Click OK after typing '-nomutex' in the specified place.
  • You can open multiple Gtalk from the Gtalk desktop shortcut  icon only
  • Now enjoy with your multiple Gtalks

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