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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to make fake error dialog box

Open Notepad and type 'x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone") '
  • Replace the "Your computer is attacked" message with the message of your choice ,do the same with "TechnoZone".which is the box title.
  • Now for the button selection x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone"). '0' represents OK Button , '1'  represents OK and Cancel , '2' represents Abort Retry and Ignore, '3' represents Yes No and Cancel, '4' represents Yes and No and '5' represents Retry and Cancel 
  • For the logo x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",0+16 ,"TechnoZone"). 16 represents Critical Message, 32 represents Warning Query 48 represents WarningMessage and 64 represents Information Message.
  • So if you want to make OK ,Cancel and Warning Query, your code will be 'x = msgbox("Your computer is attacked",1+32 ,"TechnoZone")'. 1 for OK  and Cancel Button and 32 fro Warning Query Logo. Understand the format, now proceed.
  • Just save the file as *.vbs (replace * with whatever you want).

Now, if you want to trick someone into thinking it is there Internet Explorer Icon. Generally the computer new babies will start panicking by seeing the error message.
  • Move the *.vbs file to any place that it will not be seen by the user
  • Right click on the file you have made and select "Creat Shortcut"
  • A shortcut will be created in the same folder, where the original file is kept
  • Then when you have the shortcut, Cut the shortcut and paste it in the desktop.
  • Now right click on the shortcut > Select Properties > Click on the "Shortcut" tab > Change Icon > Select IE Icon from the Change Icon Gallery> Click OK
  • Rename the shortcut to Internet Explorer, Right Click on the shortcut > Rename > Type Internet Explorer
  • Now when you click it, you will get the error message

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