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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to find your stolen/lost laptop

Friends as modernization is on its peak. Everybody nowadays are using Laptop, PDA, iPhone etc and chances of theft is also increasing. So, how to keep your Laptop, PDA, iPhones etc secure. I had found a Open Source Software 'Adeona' which can keep track of your laptop. If your laptop is stolen or lost you can easily trace its location and also catch the thief.

Adeona is a open source system which keep track of your lost and stolen laptop. It uses the Open Source OpenDHT distributed storage service to store location updates sent by a small software client installed on an owner's laptop. Its Mac OS Ver has built-in iSight camera which captures the image of the thief if camera is available in laptop. One bad thing is that your laptop require a internet connection to upload all its information to the server. Location information include the update time, laptop internal/external ip address, access point to which it is connected ,nearest router etc .It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Steps how to find the stolen/lost laptop:
  • Just download and install it in your laptop.
  • Remember the password you given during installation. It will be required during retrieval of information regarding your laptop location.
  • Keep 'adeona-retrievecredentials.ost' in a safe place because it will be required during retrieval process. You will find this file in desktop and also in under program files 'C:\Program Files\Adeona'.
  • TESTING (not stolen) : For retrieval of information from the server start the 'Run Adeona Recovery' program from your computer if you just want to test the application.
  • LAPTOP STOLEN: Install the Adeona software in any other laptop and start 'Run Adeona Recovery' program from their if your laptop is stolen.
  • Enter the password given during the installation of the software in your laptop. Locate the 'adeona-retrievecredentials.ost' file of your laptop , I have told you to keep that is a safer place in previous instruction and start the process.
  • After that a file 'adeona_retrieve_results.txt' will be created upon completion of the retrieval process in your desktop under 'adeonaretrieval-08-26-2009-1653' folder. '08-26-2009-1653' in folder name refers to the date and time of retrieval process completion. So it may change in your case.
I had tested this software its really working. Below is the information, I have got during my testing of the software. Below is the format that you will also get in adeona_retrieve_results.txt :-
  • info: ========== START STATE RETRIEVE ==========
    info: state updatetime: 08/26/2009,16:42 (IST)
    info: succesfully retrieved update replica 0
    info: ======== start location data =========
    update time: 08/26/2009,16:42 (IST)
    internal ip: 120.13.420.217 //your IP Address
    external ip: 120.13.420.217
    access point: technozonebiti //acess point to which your laptop is connected
    Nearby routers:
    1 0.000ms 120.13.420.1 (
    2 0.000ms 120.13.420.1 (could not resolve)
    3 1.000ms (could not resolve)
    4 16.000ms (could not resolve)
    5 181.000ms (
    6 180.000ms (
    7 181.000ms (
    8 203.000ms (
    9 203.000ms (
    10 195.000ms (
    11 199.000ms (
    12 207.000ms (
    info: ========= end location data ==========
Description of the above statements. In the above statements you will find update time,internal ip, external ip and nearest router details.
  • Update Time: The time when your laptop information is being send to the server.
  • Internal IP: IP address is being assigned to your laptop by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) when the laptop was connected to the internet.
  • External IP: IP address is being assigned to your laptop by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) when the laptop was connected to the internet. Basically internal and external both are same.
  • Access Point: The access point used to connect your laptop to internet.
  • Nearby Routers: The routers that are nearer to the internet network your laptop is connected to.

To trace the IP Address location:
  • Just put the Internal Ip you got from the adeona_retrieve_results.txt file into the text field below and click search, you will get the details of the ip address along with a map or search the ip address with any ip geolocation service to retrieve the location of ip address from where your stolen laptop is being connected to internet.

Enter IP Address:

By the help of this open source software you will easily trace your laptop location. If exact location cannot be found, atleast you have an idea about the locality where you will find your laptop. After that you may contact cops for catching the thief.

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winny said...

this adeona thing is currently non-functioning and not completely reliable .is it useful??

Biti said...

ya, it is in development phase. But it's reliable, I have tested it, its fully working ..... you can easily trace your laptop location.

suresh samsum said...



ankit barfa said...

i am ankit barfa
i lost my sony viao laptop
any give me suugetion for finding me my laptop
i will be thankfull to you
my email id

tanveer hashmi said...

Can you tell me that how to install this software thanks :) Recover my Files 5.21

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