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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to trace and visualize your current location in maps

Here is small Web Application for tracing your present location. Actually it trace your internet protocol address, mac address and rfid (radio frequency identification) and map it with the geolocation database. After successful mapping it will find out the current latitude and longitude of the computer or mobile. By the help of Google Maps API it will display your location on Google Maps.

Below is a button 'Trace My Location' just click on the button. A new page will open and display all your data country, region, city, zip-code, latitude and longitude with Google Maps.

Click the button 'Trace My Location' below to trace your present location

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winny said...

Hey this web application is really nice. Any one can detect his present working location...

Trace Mobile Number said...

awesome article...really helped me a ton!!!! thanks for sharing...

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