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Monday, August 10, 2009

Google Voice is here say "bye bye to multiple contact numbers"

I found a phone managment service "Google Voice" recently lunched by Google. Presently it is for GrandCentral users and soon it will be available world widely. Now you can join it by invitation only. To get your invitation click here.

This service has awesome features:

  • Just one "Google Number" for all calls and SMS. A single number to ring your home, work, and mobile phones, a central voicemail inbox that you could access on the web, and the ability to screen calls by listening in live as callers leave a voicemail.
  • Google Voicemail as easy as email, with transcripts.
  • Voice Features free calls, conference calling, and many more features.
  • All this services are free.
It can be accessed from voice website, google voice phone system & voice mobile website.

Steps to register:

Video Overview of Google Voice:

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