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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New perspective in Email Marketing i.e 'Social Networking'

Email marketing has evolved extensively over the past few years. E-mail marketing is a anatomy of absolute business which uses e-mail as a medium of communicating commercial or fundraising letters to list of customers. In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a abeyant or accepted customer could be assumed as e-mail marketing.

While surfing I get across a social email marketing site which gives a new aspect to email marketing, it target customers with social networking data. This site populate the e-mail list with social networking statics and send mails to a particular group of users who are using either facebook , flickr , twitter , stumbleupon etc. It gives a new vision to the online marketing.

Some survey also reveled that Social Networking Sites Continue to Attract Record Numbers of people. Its good to use social networking sites to grow the business. Go through marketing today to get the updated news and tricks of marketing.

Using twitter for business purpose is also a good idea. Although Twitter was originally intended for communication among individuals, a number of organizations have begun to actively participate on the platform. Take the example of Dell, Samsung they has created a number of Twitter profiles, each meant for different types of deals.

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