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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lytro - Capture Living Pictures

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.Capture living pictures with the press of a single button. By instantly capturing complete light field data, the Lytro camera gives you capabilities you've never had in a regular camera. Since you'll capture the color, intensity, and direction of all the light, you can experience the first major light field capability - focusing after the fact. Focus and re-focus, anywhere in the picture. You can refocus your pictures at anytime. And focusing after the fact, means no auto-focus motor. No auto-focus motor means no shutter delay. So, capture the moment you meant to capture not the one a shutter-delayed camera captured for you.
The Lytro camera is small, light, and stunning. A great conversation piece. Which it should be, because it's not every day you can take pictures that make history.


Form follows function.
The Lytro Light Field Camera boasts an 8X optical zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture, capturing maximum light across the entire zoom range.

Intelligent design.
Extruded anodized aluminum structural skin. Center of gravity shutter button. Intuitive multi-touch screen. And less than eight ounces. What does it all mean? A meticulously designed camera that's lightweight yet solid, built for stability, and easy to use.

Speed, indeed.
Light field technology translates to faster snaps. Without an auto-focus motor, the Lytro's instant shutter means you don't lose time focusing. Plus, with instant power on, you can capture the perfect moment – not the moment after.

Elegant omissions.
What's missing? Nothing you'll miss. No auto-focus, no shutter lag, no unnecessary modes, dials, or settings. And no flash, because Lytro can handle many low light settings. So, no obstacles to the perfect shot.


Price $499 $399 $399
Color Red Hot Graphite Electric Blue
Storage 750 Pictures 350 Pictures 350 Pictures
Model 16GB Light Field Camera 8GB Light Field Camera 8GB Light Field Camera
Storage Type Internal flash drive.
Technology Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0.
Lens 8x optical zoom; Constant f/2 lens.
Controls Power button: Shutter button; Zoom slider; Touchscreen.
Display 1.52 in | 38.55mm back-lit LCD display with glass touchscreen.
Exposure Tap on touchscreen to set exposure.
Battery Long-life Li-Ion internal battery.
File Output Light field picture file (.lfp).
Light Field Resolution 11 Megarays: the number of light rays captured by the light field sensor.
Software Includes a free desktop application for importing, processing and interacting with living pictures from the camera. It is built for Mac OS and requires Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher. A Windows application is in development.
Picture Output Produces HD-quality interactive, living pictures.
Picture Storage Free storage for living pictures on, 
Picture Viewing View and interact with living pictures on the Lytro camera as well as any internet-connected computer, smartphone or tablet supported.
Light Field Engine Version 1.0. This is the software that processes light fields to produce interactive pictures. Keep watching this space!
Shell Ultra-light anodized aluminum structural skin.
Grip Silicone Rubber.
E-waste RoHS certified.
Weight 7.55 oz | 214 g
Dimensions 1.61 in x 1.61 in x 4.41 in | 41 mm x 41 mm x 112 mm
Included Lytro Light Field Camera; Lens cap; Cleaner Cloth; Wrist Strap; 3.28 ft | 1 m Micro-USB cable for data transfer and charging.
Optional Accessories Fast charger; Replacement lens cap. (Separate purchase required)



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(mymoonlog) said...

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Brian Reynolds said...

Seems like it's rubbing elbows with the current full spectrum cameras of the day. They are definitely different looking. Good looking pics too.
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