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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Create Virus

Want to play prank with your friends computer . A sort of VIRUS which will change the password of yours friends computer & after restart he/she will not be able to log in the system.

Steps :

1. Open Notepad and type the following code into it

2. Save it as autorun.inf

3. Download the file (Dont change its name otherwise it will work)

4. Put both the files autorun.inf and Setup.exe into a Pen Drive or USB Drive.

5. Select both the files , right click on them , go to properties and there click on the hidden checkbox.

6. Remove the pendrive.

Now, our virus is ready when you insert your pendrive into your or your friends computer and open it, you will see the result.Upon execution a message will be displayed and the passwords are changed.

Note : I am not responsible for any sort of damage, Do it at your own risk.

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rajeswar said...


Virus 4 u said...

its nt a joke , in some system if auto play is disable its might nt work, But I have tested it in many system & it does work

BiNZidD said...

download the file setup ... lyk vot n where frm tu download

Virus 4 u said...

the link is given just below step 3.
you can download the file from

Virus 4 u said...

or from

Antivirus Protection said...

I tried it on my computer when i insert usb it does not accept my usb.I find the auto run is affected.

strength1211 said...

hey boss, can tech me how can i create a strength virus or trojanhorse

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