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Monday, March 9, 2009

How to hack cellphones

Hey Guys want to hack cell phones, get full access to the hacked cell phone phone-book, SMS, call log, cell information & many more stuffs to do. Like you can make a call from the hacked one to any number, put the hacked cell phone in ringing or silent mode , increase or decrease the volume ,etc. Now you must be eager to know 'How to hack cell phone' here is a stuff for you guys. Just download it and install it in your cell phones.

Prerequisites: Cell phone must be -

  • J2me or java enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Install the downloaded *.jar file in your cell phone.
  • Follow the instruction provided here for configuration. (instruction)
  • Now enjoy!

Download links:
Video preview 'How to hack cell phone'

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binay said...

hey dude nice piece of work ...

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